Heating services may not be something many in Florida are familiar with. However.. Global warming, alien invasion, evolution… call it what you will, our winter months continue to get colder and colder. This includes right here in Tampa bay.

When your home or office is frigid and uncomfortable, nobody is happy! Maintaining your central heat is key to ensure comfort year round. Its a concern for the family at home and for potential customers at the office.

Sufficient heating can in fact, be a saving grace in October through December as the temperatures quickly drop. Especially during the evening and early mornings before sunrise. But of course… there is a cost for your comfort.

Once again.. Continental Cooling and Heating Inc strongly recommends our routine maintenance of your central heating system. This acts as a protective barrier against costly repairs from allowing minor problems to go unchecked.

Your home’s central heating is an expensive investment. But its an investment in the comfort and happiness of your family. Maintaining that investment depends greatly on knowledge and expertise of experienced providers of heating system maintenance.


heating system maintenanceWhen choosing a local contractor, look for one with longevity. Search for reviews by previous customers.

Consider brand names they recommended and browse reviews of those as well. Don’t be afraid of asking for second opinions. Most, reputable contractors offer free estimates.


This makes it easy to weigh all options and choose the best local company to provide your heating system maintenance and repairs. Poor workmanship or a lack of attention to detail can cause the smallest defect or damage to go unseen. In turn.. this results in severe damage to your home’s central heating system.

Continental Cooling and Heating Inc continues to innovate and evolve in the field!
In doing so, our reputation continues to improve. Check out some of our most recentcustomer reviews posted on Google.

Don’t let your home or office become a frigid ghost town. Often times, we have family and friends in for the holiday season. Making sure you can invite them in to a warm, and comfortable atmosphere is important.

Don’t delay!
Contact us for more information or to discuss how our heating system maintenance could help save you money. Each year we improve the comfort of local residents.